The Finishing Touch Salon & Spa


Here is our story ... 

       We are a Full Service Salon & Spa that is constantly reinventing our self.   Kimberly opened her doors in June of 2001, At that time she had a little 2 chair Salon with a Nail Table that offered all, she herself could do.   Her dream was to one day have a Full Service Salon that offered almost everything the Beauty Industry could offer  to a Client. So... began our journey.   It started with offering Facials & Massage, then came Reiki (an Eastern art of Balancing the body's Energy flow).  She very quickly realized the need for Support Staff to keep everyone on task!   When more Stylists joined her, Kimberly realized that the Salon needed more space!   So we moved from our humble little spot to a bigger space.   Kimberly decided to put in 3 Styling Chairs, 2 Manicure Tables, a Pedicure Throne & a room for "Body Work"  (Massage, Reiki, Facials, and Body Waxing).   Then came the opportunity to add Tanning along with a library and a few more services. So we expanded yet again.   Not long after that, Kim decided to add a variety of Classes, and Readings.  We soon needed  more  Support Staff to keep us on track and take care of the Tanning.  Kim's Dream has become Reality! In the fall of 2012 we needed to make a move to yet another new location. This new location was bit smaller however it was the "home" of the original place that Kim started working in Poynette...bring her  full circle. The building we are now in had been a salon since the early 1950's for a great many yrs (minus the last 15 yrs). The original air vent from the '50's is still in working order! we also have and still use the original manicure stool.  Heavy as it is! So it is kinda fun!  ;0)   Kim herself  is a  Reiki  level III Practitioner/Teacher and Level I  in Theta Healing. She will be a certified Aroma Therapist in the fall of 2014. She uses Essential Oils ,Crystals, & Herbs, as well as other  Natural approaches to wellness and is always happy to share some  knowledge to help others.  She also will do one on one Hair Classes for Styling & Braiding upon request. We just added 2 new and exciting services to the salon... Vibro-Acoustic therapy and Theta Healing! Come Visit us sometime....Please, Enjoy all we have to offer!  

                                                       We are SO much more than "Just Your Hair Salon"!  

                                                                       Come in... Let Us Pamper You!!!

                                                                                    About Us

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                                        The Owner

Kimberly Heller is the owner and  Master Stylist of The Finishing Touch Salon & Spa.   She has been behind the chair since 1987 as a Licensed  Owner/Manager in Cosmetology ( hair skin, & nails).  Opened her own business in June 2001,  She has a passion for trying New & Trendy looks and will  be glad to help you by making suggestions.  She is  known for her unique Special Event Styles. She is full spectrum in her field (Hair, Skin, Nails, Reiki, Theta Healing, Ear Candling, & Teaches Classes)   She is certified in Facials using Pharmagel.  She is trained in Nu Skin's Glavantic spa facials as well as Eva Lash enhancements. She holds an accreditation in Babe Hair Extensions as well as Keratin Complex Smoothing System. She specializes in Coloring with an Artistic Flair & is open to Client suggestions.  She works with you to achieve the look you are envisioning... Teaching  you  everything  you need to know to keep your look going, as well as what you need to do to keep your hair healthy.  She works full time; Tuesday~ Friday.   She has retired her Saturday hours, with the exception of special events. She has recently brought her Card Reading  to the salon, for those that have an interest.  She is a certified Reiki Master Teacher. (Classes are available)She is certified in level I Thea Healing. As well as  She has a 3 hr accreditation for Aroma Therapy and works with Essential Oils and herbs as well as Crystals for natural healing  ** Effectively balancing  and clearing your body of it's blockages so it is able to heal it's self.. She will complete her training and be a Certified Aroma Therapist in November.

Feel free to email her if you have any questions or concerns ...

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 ** Please do not use this in place of traditional modern medicine. She lays no claims as a Dr. of medicine. 

Theses options do however compliment modern medicine, Chiropractic, as well as other Homeopathic work very well.

                      Also on the Cutting Floor...

Melissa Thompson  Joined our team the summer of 2013. She is a busy wife and a mother of 2 little girls! She has been behind the chair for 3+ years. She loves to do hair and missed it when she took time off to have her last child. She is glad to be back!  She is full service and is very talented. She has a passion for creating new looks and loves to work with color and is very talented with it! She  has a certification in GK Smoothing System as well as many other classes. She has taken a 3 hrs course in Aroma Therapy and is waiting to take Level I Reiki. She is with us on Tuesdays and Fridays, and will work a Saturday for special events!

Jenn Galindo   Joined our team in January of 2014! She is a single mom of a Teenage Boy and is a busy lady as you can imagine. If you ask her how long she has been doing hair she chuckles and tells you sense she was a child. She studied in Illinois as an apprentice for a number of yrs, then on to cosmetology collage....moving to Wisconsin in the middle of it, having to go back to school here because of the different requirements. So, she has been doing hair for 10+ yrs! She is very talented and multifaceted. She loves color, men's barbering, and hair products!  She has a 3 hr accreditation in Aroma Therapy and loves to share to help others. She is certified in GK  smoothing system and has many other classes under her. She is working Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


                    In Our Body Works Room

Shannon Waugh has joined our team 4 years ago in the fall.  She is a fully accredited Massage Therapist (C.M.T.).  She is newer to the field but is very talented.  She gives an awesome Swedish Relaxation Massage!! She works as well with our on-site Massage Chair for those that choose not to lay on the table for Body Work.  She is very gentle and quite. She has a combination Facial and Massage that is out of this world relaxing!   She has also knows the art of Hot Stone Massage which is phenomenal for aching muscles and Fibromyalgia. She has just added Aroma Therapy to her education.   She is with us Full Time Tuesday ~Friday, until 6pm.

 Kimberly Heller is a Master(III) level Reiki Teacher. This is a very old Eastern Art of moving Universal life force energy into the body to" re- balance" it. By doing so the body operates more efficiently by being able to handle all we tend to "throw" at it in any given day. When your body is balanced you will heal better as well as get sick less often. She also works with your 7 major Chakras, clearing them so that every thing is in harmony. She may  add Crystals/stones or Essential Oils/herbs to complete the experience.  She is Certified in Level I Theta Healing. This is a way of "un hooking" blockages so you can move forward. She also does Ear Candling, Facials, body waxing, Card(divination) Reading, and Eye lash enhancements!



  Jill Heller  Joined us working in the body works room! She has been studying a passion of her for a great number of years, and is now ready to bring it forth! We are proud to welcome Vibro-Acoustic Therapy to the salon. She will be appointments are available upon request for sessions in the mornings and on the weekends. We will have more information about the wonderful benefits of this service very soon! Come check out the mat...feel and hear the sound!


                       Our Support Staff Team

 Audra Jenson  Joined us in 2012.   She is very  bubbly & Personable. She is a great to work with. She works part time, keeping us on task by answering phones, picking up after the Styling Team, booking appointments, as well as taking care of the tanner's needs. She has a very busy High School schedule,  she is involved with Basketball and baby sits as well as walks dogs (dog sits too) when she is not helping us.

 Holly Hornback   Joined us in the fall of 2011. She is an awesome help keeping us organized and is very helpful! She is so funny... she will  fight us for the color bowl to clean it (just kidding)! So we don't have to.  She is a joy to have in the salon, always doing funny little things like color coordinating our towels in the cabinet or putting them in a pattern! She is away in during the school yr at  College. She also works another part time job. We miss her silliness! She is with us on Saturdays when she comes home to visit, or more if her is home for break or during the summer months!

Makkena Horacek Joined us in the fall of 2014.   She is very busy high school student. She is very helpful and still learning her job. She works part time, filling in where we need her, keeping us on task by answering phones, picking up after the Styling Team, booking appointments, as well as taking care of the tanner's needs.