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Below is a list of some of the classes that we offer.

If you have an idea for a class we should offer please email me your thoughts.

Once class date is set, please register and PAY for classes at least 72 hours in advance.

This is done so that materials needed will be appropriately acquired and assembled.

No refunds unless approved by  Kim.  

Contact us to Book your spot today! 

*Most class will be scheduled once 6-8 people have signed up to participate. An Email or phone call will be made to coordinate a date that works best for the most of those interested. Classes will be held on a Monday evening, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon!

REIKI I & II Classes

Learn to move energy through the body to help self correct any blockages... allowing the body to heal it's self.

Balancing the body and the Chakra system. You will learn yo "feel" the energy to "scan" the body.

~Level I~

Attunes you and teaches you to use a "hands on" technique to helping yourself and others.

You will recieve a Reiki I Certification, upon completion of the class.


~Level II~

Attunes you and teaches you to be able to send the energy from a distant, it also amplifies your hands on. This class requires completion Reiki I certification.

Proof required if not taught from the same linage.

You will receive a Reiki II certification.


~Level III (Master Reiki)~

Attunes you and teaches advanced techniques. as well as amplifies the energy.

This  class requires completion of Reiki I and  Reiki II certifications.

Proof required if not taught from the same linage.

You will receive Reiki III Master certification.


~Level IV (Master Teacher Reiki)~

Attunes you and teaches you how to teach Reiki to others.

This class requires completion of Reiki I , Reiki II, and Reiki III Master certifications.

Proof required, if not taught from the same linage. You maybe required to retake Reiki III.


Call and speak with Kim, (Master Teach) for more details and setting up a class.

The classes are taught separate from each other.

They can be done one on one or in pairs (6 max per class size for levels I & II)

Master courses are taught one on one, out of respect for the linage.

Lets learn about PLANTAIN

The herb, not the banana!


I have been making my own healing salves for many years, this one is always a "go to". Lots of you have asked about how to make it and what is in it that makes it work so well! This little herb has been an unwanted "weed" in just about everyone's lawn... that is until you learn what it can do! You will learn the history of the plant, why it is so valuable, how to identify it, how to grow, harvest and prepare it for infusion, how to make it into a salve... and of course how to use it! As well as all the benefits and ways it can be used. At this class you will leave with a completed infused oil and salve ready to use! As well the knowledge to make your own!

* Class requires 6/Prepayment required

Welcome to Lavender


Let’s explore what you can do with Lavender! It is by far one of my favorite herbs. Not only is it beautiful, but it has hundreds of uses. It is a fragrant aromatic, a relaxing herb, and it can be used for healing, skin care, gourmet cooking, tea making, tinctures, oils and much more….
In this class you will learn to make several different infusions, from oil that can be used in lotions and soaps, a tincture that can be used in healing, a vinegar that you can use in skin care, to a sugar that can be used in baking and teas. You will also learn how to use the plant and flowers directly on your skin and how to make a tea. You will leave with some fun products you made to continue your journey.

* Class requires 6/Prepayment required

Your Intuition Through Divination!


Working with Your Intuition Through Divination will introduce you to several forms of divination tools, allowing for some work with them, you to learn to trust intuition (inner instincts). Some tools that may be used include pendulums, oracle cards, stones/crystals, and divining rods. We will NOT be using Ouija boards, nor attempting communication with Spirit. The focus is purely internal, NOT supernatural.

* Class requires 6/Prepayment required

What? It's not just a rock?


This class opens your eyes to looking at stones and crystals in a whole new way! This is an introduction to Crystal Healing! It can begin a great relationship with crystals and stones. Crystals and stones have been used for centuries for healing and protecting. Find out what the metaphysical properties of many stones and crystals, as well as how to use them in your day-to-day life. Discussion and practice will be put forth, so come ready to have some fun. This class is paired well with “Accessing the Chakras” and "Pendulums".   

* Class requires 6/Prepayment required

Soap Making and more

This class will introduce you to the fun of making your own soaps. From bars to liquid! It will open your mind to the possibilities. How about a soap that can exfoliate as well as clean? Or maybe one  for your face to reduce the pore size? Or Laundry soap as well as fabric softener? Or maybe a sugar or salt scrub! Bring a friend and have some fun!

                                                                             * Class requires 6/ Prepayment required

Accessing The Chakras


This class is about energy... Did you know that we have very distinct energy patterns in our body? Accessing the Chakras is about learning what and where your 7 Major Chakras are and how to “see/feel" them and help balance them as well as how to find them on your loved ones to help them balance theirs as well.

This class is paired very well with “Working with Crystals” as well as "Pendulum classes".

  I recommend taking them together, you won’t be sorry!

Lots of times I will bundle these classes and make it an all day event for $65!

* Class requires 6/Prepayment required



This is a class you will learn how to use and make a pendulum as well as Muscle testing. These are tools that are used to access your "higher self" to aid in (correct) decision making by asking your higher power, (or the universe) and energy around you. It is also a helpful tool in natural healing. Have a tough decision to make and don't know what is best?... ask your higher power and the universe around you for guidance. You will leave with your own Pendulum. This class pairs well with "Accessing the Chakras" and  "Working with Crystals"

* Class requires 6/Prepayment required

Tricks of the Trade

From hair,make up to Skin care


This is a class that you would need to bring a model or bring a friend and work on each other. This is a very laid back class. You would be introduced to some of the "tricks of the trade" to help you learn some in-depth styling techniques; like braiding, up-do's, mastering a flat iron or  quick curls, etc. This class can also be customized for your needs. You will have our full one on one attention so it makes no difference if you are handy with your hair or not, you can become the master of your style with our help! It is a fun class! If you have something special you want to learn, just ask, bring a picture. We will show you... If it is something we think you can do yourself!

This class can be as basic or as advanced as you would like it to be...You decide.

* Class requires 1/2-6people/Prepayment required

Kitchen Witching

no broom required ;-)


This is a class that is a lot of fun! Do you know that the herbs and spices you have in your own cupboard have been used for centuries for healing all kinds of ailments? From warding off colds to soothing tooth ache pain! How about cleaning your house with them? Sound funny? I bet your great grandmother did it! How about a little knowledge on Essential Oils... they are so much more then for "perfuming" the air or body. Did you know that one is better than bleach? Or how about one that kills air born virus's, or maybe one that helps you sleep? There is a lot to cover in this class, so come focused and bring a note book( and a friend)! You never know what you might go home with!

*Class requires 6/Prepayment required

Let's talk about the basics of Essential Oils


They are so much more then for "perfuming" the air or body.

This class will teach you some of the basic and advance uses for natural essential oils. What are the MUST HAVES in your home! They ways they are used on and for the body for different types of ailments. As well as in your home You are hearing more and more about the resistant nature of different things from virus to lice! Our bodies are becoming immune to what is considered typical treatment. Lets learn what is out there to help you help your self and your loved ones! You never know what you will go home with!

* Class requires 6/Prepayment required

Prayer Beads


I have had several who have been interested in learning how to make and understand how to use prayer beads.

Class will include everything needed to put a set together. They will be real crystals and stones with sterling silver.

You will get a copy of the Earth honoring prayer. This prayer Honors and is a good reminder all Gaia/Mother Earth  gives us and our loved ones passed as well as creator.

Because of the quality of the stones/crystal beads and sterling silver to keep the cost down a minimum of 5-6 students is needed.

The natural stones are expensive.One strand of 15 stones runs $8-$35.  The set you are looking at is my personal set and it cost me $120+ to make. Class will need to be prepaid. When I have enough people I will let you know when the class will be.

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