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Quality of the big name Madison Salons without the big name prices

I love the Finishing Touch Salon & Spa! You get the quality of the big name Madison Salons without the big name prices. Plus you get the small town atmosphere. Kim is one of the best hair dressers I have ever been to and one of the few that had ever figured out what was really going on with my hair. She really cares about you and wants to make sure she is doing the best for you and your hair with the quality of products she uses. She takes the time to understand what you want. Also, as far as Reiki goes, it is top notch and would highly recommend it as well. I think it is wonderful to find a Salon & Spa to offer such a wide variety of services. Thank you!

Yours Truly long time Client,

Jessica Wilson 2006

A 10+ years Client of The Finishing Touch

I have known Kim Heller for over 20 years she is the only person that I let touch my hair. I have learned my lesson I have gone other places and  I have had to have Kim fix what they had done to me. So now, no one but Kim touches my hair. I also trust Kim's knowledge when it comes to other recommendations.  I had the best massage ever there. It was a full body and if I could I would get one every week!  

Recently, I hurt my back and Kim suggested that I try a Reiki (Healing Energy) Session. It was incredible! I feel so much better. I have less pain and I am more relaxed in both my body and mind. She knew right where the pain was, I did not even have to tell her!  I was finally able to get some relief. Thanks SO much!

10yr. client of The Salon,

Angie Hebel 2008

A Very Relaxing Spiritual Space

My four kids and I have been getting our hair cut with Kim since we moved to Poynette 2 years ago. She does an outstanding job and always makes us feel welcome. I have received many compliments on my hair style and quite a few of them have been from other stylists. I highly recommend The Finishing Touch Salon & Spa. It is a very relaxing spiritual space! It feels like you can come in your slippers!

New Client in 2009,

Mary Sickles and Family

Love the Atmosphere!

I just love  The Finishing Touch, they are very Professional, and always go the extra mile for their customers...Thank You!

Long time customer,

Diana Kaschinske 2010

A New Start...Refreshed and ready!

Yesterday I had one of the best experiences of my life. My friend, confidant, spiritual mentor..... I could go on she's that wonderful, came and blessed/cleansed my home. The process was amazing (and the birds survived the candles), and when all was said and done the candles that burned the longest ended up being in the areas that needed the most cleansing (not by coincidence I'm sure). So my shout out today goes to the Finishing Touch Kimberly Heller- Owner for her constant guidance and support as I start on this new journey. Angie and I both slept the sleep of the dead (for lack of a better term) and woke refreshed and ready to face whatever happens to come our way (despite sleeping through our alarms). So THANK YOU Kim, although saying that just doesn't seem to cover how much it meant. I love you, and I'm glad you are willing to help me on this journey, we both know it is going to be a long one, there are still several clouds to clear to get to that silver lining. <3

Jeanie Miller and family 2014

                                                                                         MAKING OUR DAY SPECIAL!

Thank you so much The Finishing Touch, Kimberly Heller for doing my hair  and my bridal parties. I was beautiful...we were beautiful! You went above and beyond by taking these beautiful photos of our special day! Thank you! You helped make our day special!

Mrs.Jennifer Kutz 2014

                                                                               UNEXPECTED SURPRISE!

I got a  gift certificate to the salon. I loved it so much!!! It was a great and much needed gift!!! Big thanks to The Finishing Touch  for doing my hair... I have a new look! I look forward to show (the band I am in) preparation ;)

Desiree 2015

                                                                                 MY FIRST HOMECOMING!

What a great Homecoming weekend. Had so much fun! Thank you to The Finishing Touch for my hair and was beautiful, I was beautiful! I loved it!

Kathrine October, 2013

                                                                                           I WOULD FOLLOW YOU TO THE MOON!

 I am loving my new hair! Thank you to the staff at  The Finishing Touch Kimberly Heller- Owner. I would follow you to the moon and back!

Becky Branton-Griemann, September 18, 2013

                                                                                                 MORE THEN JUST A SALON!

Life savers! I don't know what I would have done without your help Kim! The Finishing Touch Salon & Spa, Kimberly Heller- Owner Thank you SO much for helping me threw Leigha's illness with your natural approach!

 Ashley Bahr, September 27, 2013


                                                                                                       GREAT EXPERIENCE!

 Thank you so much to The Finishing Touch Salon & Spa, Kimberly Heller-Owner! I had such a great experience with the Reiki, I appreciate your time and help! I will see you again soon!!! That's a promise!

Kristirose Pickard, December 11, 2013

                                                                                                           I HAD THE BEST!

 Spoiled...I hate that I can't find a decent stylist.....I have been to NUMEROUS places and have only gotten one decent cut since we've been here, and she moved to Fayetteville...The Finishing Touch Salon & Spa Kimberly Heller- Owner...are you plan on visiting this year???

Debbie Ramaut Gibbs, February20, 2014

                                                                                                          SWEET DREAMS!

 I had been seeing Kim at The Finishing Touch Salon & Spa, Kimberly Heller-Owner, for Reiki treatments after losing my brother unexpectedly to an illness. Tonight after work, I stopped in to tell her what happened after my Reiki the day before. I can't thank you enough for clearing and balancing my energy allowing for restful sleep. I had an unforgettable dream and and it was a good morning! Michael, my brother visited me in my dreams last night!!!!  He had the most amazing blue eyes, brighter and bluer than ever before! :) And he was wearing a shirt I had talked to my mom about after he passed! He had never seen it... so no doubt it was him  I love you Michael, I miss you!!

Melissa Thompson, April 26, 2014

                                                                                                        TAMING THE MANE!

 Thank you for "taming my mane" (hair) for the summer it is SUPER SILKY! You did a fantastic job with this Brazilian blow out at The Finishing Touch Salon & Spa, Kimberly Heller-Owner <3 <3 <3

Victoria Wadsworth, May 9,2014

                                                                                               BEAUTIFUL NAILS!

Thank you again Kim! You are awesome at The Finishing Touch Salon & Spa, Kimberly Heller- Owner.  My nails made it through the wedding WAHOO! Thank you they looked beautiful!

Beth Johnson Burke, May 18, 2014

                                                                                          A MUST FOR SPECIAL EVENT STYLES!

Where do I begin, Kim at The Finishing Touch Salon & Spa, Kimberly Heller- Owner  is so amazingly talented! I have gone to her for two very important events where my hair needed to be perfect, I mean PERFECT! She not only did my hair the way I pictured but she always went above and beyond what I would ever expect from anyone! She and her staff are genuinely devoted to you and making you look your best. I would recommend The Finishing Touch Salon & Spa to anyone I know. (Especially for formal events) I have had more compliments on my hair done by Kim than anyone else, she is just so talented!! Love, Love Love!

Nickee Seuser, April-9-2015

                                                                               I WAS SPOILED BY THE BEST  FOR 23 YRS!

So, I managed to get my hair cut today ...seems to be a nice cut...will know more after I wash it and blow it dry....HOPEFULLY I've found my forever salon down here!! This is the 5th one I've tried since we moved here. Could be I was spoiled with the BEST, The Finishing Touch Salon & Spa, Kimberly Heller- Owner that I had in Wisconsin for 23 years!!  

Debbie Ramaut Gibbs, June 10, 2015

                                                                                 AWESOME FASHION COLORS!

Thank you The Finishing Touch Salon & Spa, Kimberly Heller- Owner for making me feel so fancy and for helping me honor Rei with an awesome blend of fashion colors.

 Kaitlin Kwallek-Drebert, March 9, 2017




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